Why Dems’ Nervous Support of Bill Barr Shows Hope for Bi-Partisan Politics

With the recent rise of head-butting in just about every area of American politics, compromise and cooperation are like water in a dry desert; even the tiniest amount is a precious gift that shouldn’t be squandered. William Barr is starting to look like an oasis. Democrats would be foolish to not take the chance to stop for a drink, especially as the heat continues to rise as the shutdown drags on.

The only thing that seems to make them nervous is whether or not Barr would be willing to play nice when it comes to the Mueller investigation. The good news seems to be piling up, however, in that not only are Barr and Mueller long-time friends, but Barr continues to promise that he will not wreck the investigation. In fact he promises to release whatever he can regarding Mueller’s findings to the public. He even threatened to resign if anything tried to stop him.

This means that Dems should call his bluff and go all-in with his nomination instead of causing more trouble. They should shout it from the rooftops as an example of their willingness to cooperate with their republican colleagues. It would be hard for republicans to accuse them of refusing to work together at that point. This would allow Democrats to dig in against the wall, which simply is not an idea worth budging on due to it’s obvious flaws and massive costs to the American people.

Democrats, however, have some decent reasons to reject the nominee, such as his approval of overturning Roe v. Wade, and his support for the wall. Some Dems like Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris have already suggested that those reasons alone are why they are not voting to approve him. With their constituents watching closely one can understand why.

Only time will tell whether we all end up dying of thirst in this desert of partisan politics, or if we choose to drink the water, bitter though it may be.

Photo by Aleš Čerin

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