2020 Vision: Meet California’s Powerhouse, Kamala Harris

Move over Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris is joining the 2020 race, and she’s doing it with gusto. The Junior Senator of California has been hinting at the prospect for a while now much to the delight of democrats everywhere. Her official announcement only adds to the growing pool of democratic candidates looking to de-throne Trump and begin working to repair his damage to the country. The republican pool, however, remains devoid of any official runners besides the incumbent president.

What does Harris have in store for us as she vies for the Democratic nomination? It’s sure to be a muddy battle to the top, one that will make Bernie vs Hillary look like child’s play. All of the candidates so far are strong dems with various strengths. While they might all get along as party members, they have to pull out all the stops while running against one another. With her legal experience in dealing with powerful opponents like Big Oil Harris is not afraid to take a hit and hit back harder. This could make running against her quite difficult.

The only concern for her at this point is how far she is willing to lean left during her campaign, and (if she wins) during her presidency. She has a strong record of supporting LGBT rights, backing marijuana decriminalization, fighting the death penalty, supporting environmentalism and gun control, and supporting single-payer healthcare along side visionaries like Bernie Sanders. The one problem she won’t have during her run is dealing with past flip-flops on key issues; she’s always been blue.

She hasn’t been without controversy either. Her supporters probably remember her failure to prosecute Steve Mnuchin (current White House Treasury Secretary under Trump) and his bank OneWest despite evidence of illegal practices in the foreclosure market. Her embarrassing defense of the over-crowded prison system in California is also something she’s probably not too proud of. These things will undoubtedly dog her as she bumps elbows with other democrats seeking the nomination. Will she make it to the top? We can only wait and see.

Photo by Zoe Pappas

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