2020 Vision: The Force of a Humble Genius, Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is arguably the strongest democrat to officially announce her run for president so far. The Massachusetts Senator’s humble upbringing in a struggling middle class family helps her relate to the common American. Her studious intellect as an academic scholar make her a very clever opponent. And her refusal to back down in the face of adversity make her a promising presidential candidate. 

Brilliant as she is fearless, Warren’s career has been one long trek of unstoppable prowess as she rounded herself into a brilliant and dynamic legislator. From teacher, to lawyer, to professor, to Senator; Warren has done enough work for two professionals, all while raising two kids, going through two marriages, and fighting the uphill battle against the Big Banking industry. 

The best part about her, however, is her moderate approach to politics. As a former Republican she understands the importance of looking at both sides and picking the best option based on the facts at hand, not blind party loyalty. While she does take a hard left when it comes to the social safety net and pushing back against WallStreet, she is otherwise a very centrist-minded politician. 

It’s also worth noting that Warren is a formidable opponent beyond more than just her brains and experience. She also has a strong base of supporters ranging from middle to upper class. During her campaign for Senator in 2012 she was able to raise $39 million, more than any other Senate candidate that year. This proved that she didn’t need big business to help her win and that she had powerful allies of her own. 

Hopefully Elizabeth can do what Hillary could not; become the first female President of the United States. She certainly has the potential. We can only hope that she succeeds. 


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