2020 Vision: The New Darkhorse, Julian Castro


With Richard Ojeda’s sudden withdrawal from the race, democrats might be eyeing latest addition Pete Buttigieg as the new Darkhorse. But what about Julián Castro? He’s already in the race, isn’t he?

Kind of. His record is… quietly impressive. He’s not a big mover, so to speak, but he appeals to Latino voters in and around his area, which is hot right now. I have a feeling that we will be hearing more from him very soon as the race begins to heat up.

From 2001 Mayor of San Antonio to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Obama in 2014, Castro has shown he’s not afraid to work. He then supported Hillary in 2016 when she ran for president, showing off his charismatic appeal to the voters and his loyalty to the party. He even published his memoirs, showing that he doesn’t lack confidence.

As the racetrack begins to come to life with the 2020 presidency inching closer, Darkhorse candidates like Julian need to start being more active. More stories about support and activism around the country need to start coming in. What will Mr. Castro do? Only time will tell.

Photo by Laura Shreck

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