2020 Vision: Pete Buttigieg, Does He Have What It Takes?

With his official announcement in late January, Pete Buttigieg shocked the world as the first Democratic candidate that was openly gay. As the mayor of South Bend Indiana, a Harvard Graduate, and a Rhodes Scholar, Buttigieg shows that he certainly has the smarts for the race ahead of him.

So far people keep asking what he has to offer beyond his sexual orientation being historically exciting. His early career as State Treasurer certainty is nothing to brag about. His time as mayor is more impressive. He’s been elected twice, and both times by a landslide. This means he is popular and has a strong starting support base to say the least. Although he got beat pretty hard when running for the DNC chair due to his platform being attempts to empower millennials within the aging party. That’s something at might become an appealing approach if used again during the 2020 race, as more millennials begin to actively become part of the political landscape.

As a moderate I would not get my hopes up for Buttigieg. He hasn’t had enough experience working directly with other politicians for us to make any discernable guesses as to what he might do as a team player. Most voters might assume he would be a liberal with heavy leanings on gay rights. He hasn’t spoken up much about any other issues as of yet.

He should be wary, however. The press is likely to be keeping a very interested eye on him. Stay tuned for more!

Photo by livability.com

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