Music: Liberal Extremists Anti-Flag’s 2019 Plans

Whenever I wonder where all the radical liberals went, I always think… Oh yeah… music.

Anti-Flag has never been shy about being politically active. They use their music and money to fight against things like the War in Iraq, which they help keep fresh in my mind so that I never forget. They also have started some pretty radical groups like The Underground Action Alliance and Military Free Zone.

I reflect back on the Pittsburgh band, Anti-Flag, I remember fondly of when I used to see their shirts all the time at the music hall in Erie, PA where I grew up. They were already a decade old back then. Now, over another decade later, they are still touring like punk-fueled machines.

With their 2018 tour being a success, one may wonder what the band has in store next after their well-deserved siesta. One only need look at the quote from their website regarding their recent tour:

With every tour we do, we want to try to find a way to make it about more than just songs or records or a T-shirt or a band… bringing peta2A Voice For The Innocent, and Love Hope Strength along on this run is an extension of that idea.

This goes to show that the band has been sticking to their guns; they’ve remained politically active in an effort to bring life to the younger voter demographic while still appealing to the old as well. Their fans have not shied away from their support of the band, and their causes, either.

Anti-Flag has also unsurprisingly responded to Trump’s presidency quite critically. They claim that the president is a “con-man” that won over America like the CEO of a pyramid scheme, and now we want our money back. One would think that the group would be fired up to kick off an anti-Trump tour of sorts. Sadly, however, a 2019 US tour has not been announced as of yet.

The band is currently gearing up for their world tour that starts here:

Then they quickly move on to crush Europe. For us US folks, sadly, we are left in the waiting room unless you can make it to their Cali show. With such high demand, can the aging rock stars keep up? Do they have enough steam to last through another presidential election? Only time will tell if we get to see a 2020 US tour. Stay tuned!

Photo By Garann Rose Means

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