SOTU Turns Out Typical

President Trump’s State of the Union address sounded a lot like addresses from other presidents before him. Exaggerated claims, inflated numbers, and taking credit for things the administration did not accomplish themselves were present throughout the speech. That being said, it could have gone much worse.

Surprisingly the president did not take the opportunity to push his agenda, at least not more than would be considered unusual. He hinted at his immigration plan a few times and insulted the investigations against him, but that was about the worst of it. He has continued to use a more careful tone lately, which will surely help with the bi-partisan talks about immigration.

This is especially true as he continues to talk about the mutual decision to break away from the sea-to-sea concrete wall and talk about other options as well. He made this clear during his speech while also saying that unity was needed from politicians in order to move forward. While everyone points out Trump’s hypocrisy there, it’s nice to hear him talk about cooperation while republicans try to push their immigration plans. If they keep laying on the compromise talk, democrats will have little choice but to cave on immigration.

Hopefully this doesn’t mean they will have to give up too much either. They seem adamant about protecting immigrant rights and programs that get immigrants and refugees alike the emergency support they need. Trump already suggested these remain part of the compromise, so it’s looking positive so far.

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