Why The Word “Crisis” Is Crushing Bi-Partisan Hopes

As Republicans gear up to to respond to the “crisis” on the southern boarder, Democrats slyly started talking about a crisis of their own: Climate Change. Is this just a coincidence? Knowing Nancy, probably not…

Despite President Trump’s call for unity during his State of the Union speech, the two parties show no real signs of cooperating beyond the bi-partisan bill they are working on which we have yet to see. In fact, what we see is the word “crisis” being traded back and forth a lot lately. It’s likely to be attached to just about every hot button issue one can think of thanks to The Donald threatening to use his emergency powers to get his border plan moving if negotiations in Congress fail again.

Republicans were quick to point out that Democrats, during the Obama administration, also considered the border problems a “crisis” at the time.
The situations that we faced then, and are facing now, are undeniably similar. The Republicans felt pretty clever in pointing this out to their Democratic counterparts.

Democrats and their supporters, however, are springing the trap only to have it snap on the fingers of the very Republicans that set it. Now, anything that is called a “crisis” can be touted as something that cannot be ignored any longer and requires drastic measures. Issues like gun violence and lack of firearm regulation could be called a crisis, especially if there is another mass shooting to highlight the issue. Lack of affordable healthcare for thousands of Americans could be considered a serious crisis as well. How about overcrowded for-profit prisons, or Russian Tampering with US elections? Aren’t they crises too? What could the opposition possibly say in response?

I’m sure Trump would think of something abrasive to Tweet like he always does. One has to admire that ol’ Teflon Don. But, the rest of the political world would be left with egg on their face each and every time, especially when a new president gets elected and threatens to do the same thing that Trump is doing now; use executive emergency power to override the gridlock in congress. It’s a brand new bargaining chip that they are creating, much like how the shutdowns have been used. This can only mean bad news for Americans, and our government.

Photo By Kieth M.

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