2020 Vision: Amy Klobuchar Finds Room In Crowded Candidate Pool

As the primaries inch ever closer, Amy Klobuchar adds yet another entry into the Democrat Party’s growing pool of presidential candidates. Now with 5 women total in the race (a historical record) we must ask what Klobuchar plans to bring to the table that will set her apart from her other equally, if not more powerful competitors.

Her record is good enough but is not unique by any means. She is just another attorney turned politician. What does make her appealing, however, is her moderate track record. Klobuchar is not afraid to work with the other side to get things done. Because of this she was able to pass more legislation than any other Senator in 2016. While this may appeal to other centrist minded democrats, will hard left-leaners be willing to vote for her?

Recently she has also faced heated criticism from recent buzzfeed reports that she is a brutal boss. Emails from her employees tell tales of terror about her throwing objects and frequently bringing her staff to tears. Do we really want someone like that in the oval office? Will she treat her campaign staff the same way? Only time will tell.

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