2020 Vision: Trump’s Campaign Platform Becomes Clear

As the campaign trail begins to open up for the 2020 race, it’s become clear that Trump’s platform will consist of two things: combating the “radical socialist” democrats and completing his wall. Since his distaste for the democrats has been made quite clear, explaining how his wall will make the platform requires some more explanation, although if you have been paying attention the past few weeks you should see it coming as much as anyone.

Since it’s pretty obvious that the border deal he has in mind will cost more than just 1-5 billion, Trump is guaranteed to have to keep fighting for more money. Since he managed to squeeze almost two billion out of congress so far while hoping to get the rest by abusing his emergency powers as president, the remaining amount is sure to become his goal in the near future. He will most likely pitch this need in his 2020 campaign.

How he plans on getting his voters behind him still remains a mystery. It seems like even his biggest supporters are getting turned off by the tax bill that is getting racked up with the expense of the wall. The higher the cost of border security climbs, the more Trump will begin to appear like the socialist democrats he despises. At least democrats raise taxes for things like education and healthcare. Doing it for a wall that many claim will not curb illegal immigration enough to justify it’s costs is proving difficult to defend.

None-the-less, Trump has not shown much else that he would be able to put on his platform. It seems like his options are limited at this point. Since he will need more than just democrat punching bags to earn another four years in office, dragging on the border fight will have to suffice unless by some miracle another option shows up. Only time will tell.

Picture By Carlos Herrero

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