Trump’s Twitter Support Dwindles As 2020 Draws Near

President Trump has long relied on his Twitter statistics as a compass to guide him through the choppy seas of voter demographics. Despite his critics, his likes and followers were high when he first threw his hat into the ring. But as time has gone on many have noticed a deterioration in this foundation that he has stood on with arrogant feet for so long. While arrogance isn’t always a bad thing… it’s pretty bad when you are on a sinking ship.

As Twitter continues to mount their assault on bot accounts and other aggressive behavior that is far from authentic, many profiles find themselves being suspended/banned. Coincidentally, Trump has found his Twitter numbers dropping rapidly. While this can obviously be attributed to his decline in popularity, it can also be linked to Twitter’s almost frantic response to accusations that social media was used to alter the 2016 election with spammy bot accounts and other shady behavior online.

In all fairness, everyone seems to be losing followers on Twitter due to this backlash. Democrats have also been accused of using “fake followers”. New accounts find themselves walking on eggshells because if they repost something twice it could be considered spamming and thus be grounds for banishment. While some may say this is a bit too extreme, others will argue that this is a perfectly valid response to allegations that social media has simply not held the leash tight enough for far too long; it’s time to catch up and purge the system.

Now the question remains, will it work? Or, will the spammers simply find more creative means to do their dirty work? Better yet, will the ends of such underhanded tactics outweigh the means? Or, is this just another dot-com bubble/gold mine waiting to pop/run dry? Only time will tell. Rest assured that we will be keeping a very close eye on all of social media’s statistics as the 2020 race heats up.

Remember to do YOUR part has well. If you see an account on either side of the spectrum, be it republican or democrat, check it for suspicious behavior and report that which is obviously a clever robot. Some people are even being paid to spam in place of the bots, so real people could be just as problematic! Either way, do the right thing and report them if they are doing one or more of the following:

1.) Reposting the same general idea over and over again with only a slight variation to avoid bot detection.

2.) Posting things you saw posted word for word on other suspicious accounts such as “Best. President. Ever.”

3.) Posting obviously fake junk such as stock images that they claimed to have taken themselves, (this makes them fool basic bot detection by seeming authentic).

Here is an example of a clever bot account that somehow has managed to pass detection. (We have already reported it so it may no longer be available.)

Images By Juan Bernardoand imageflip

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