2020 Vision: Bernie Most Likely to Take 2nd Place, Again

With Bernie’s unsurprising jump into the 2020 race, his supporters have shown that they still have his back. He made this clear by already gathering over 5 million dollars for his campaign, and responses have been positive across the board.

Now the question is, is this support going to be enough to compete with the women’s blue wave that’s sweeping the democratic primaries? Suffice it to say, being an old white guy is going to be an uphill battle for Bernie. One can’t help but bet that he’s going to get second place behind another woman like he did in 2016.

To make matters worse, Sanders is haunted by allegations of sexual misconduct committed by top staffers during his 2016 campaign. Despite his best attempts to apologize and make improvements in an effort to prevent future problems, the Senator from Vermont is having a tough time shaking the scandal. The good news is that he himself has not been accused of harassment, which is what has allowed him to progress so far even with the ignominy on his coat tails. But, we can rest assured, the women on the campaign trail are not going to let it slide by any means.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel for Bernie, however. His once “radical socialist” ideas are now much more mainstream. He’s gaining support from moderates and progressives that he once made nervous in 2016. Despite the republicans best efforts to spread their loathing of socialism, voters are taking notice that the private sector isn’t taking care of them as well as the government is promising to. Only time will tell if those promises ever see the light of day. If Bernie fails to clinch the nomination, it’s unlikely that most of them will.

Image by Julia Freeman-Woolpert

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