“For The People Act” Stunt Doomed To Fail But Shows Hope

In a time where distrust and uncertainty reign supreme in America when it comes to government and the people who control it, a bill that attempts to curtail the abuse of the political system is a sight for sore eyes and heavy hearts. The paper is packed full of a powerful justice, which is why, sadly, it is doomed to fail. Forcing the president and his vice to show their tax returns alone promises to have the bill vetoed the second it hits the oval office desk. Mitch McConnell has already promised that the bill won’t even make it to the floor for a vote in the Senate. Why bother?

It’s because it will have the republican party, and their president, looking bad as they shoot down any and all attempts to shed light on the crooked political system that dominates the country. In retaliation the GOP has already bashed several sections of the bill, calling it the “For The Politicians Act” because they claim it only benefits members of congress. They point to a provision in the bill that would subsidize House campaigns that “agree to accept small donations only.”

The only good news to come out of this is that we are seeing the Democrats able to come together as a party again and pass important legislation, even if it is doomed to fail. The dems have faced an uphill battle when it comes to in-party bickering as they adjust to the wave of progressives that have flooded in. This party strength is what’s going to be needed as we stand up against the president’s budget cuts and other serious matters. Only time will tell if the fresh glue will now stick long enough to make something actually happen.

Picture By Sara Moses

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