2020 Vision: Beto O’Rourke, The Lovable Bad Boy

With his popularity already solidified, Beto O’Rourke is more than just a dark horse in the upcoming 2020 race. While most other men in his position that have thrown their hats into the ring will have a tougher time, Beto’s race is shaping up to be a smoother ride. His only real opponents are going to be the “Big Three” top women in the race; Liz, Tulsi, and Kamala. If you don’t know Beto very well you might be asking how he has such promising hopes, but taking a look at his track record will have you wearing his pin in no time.

Beto’s charm comes from two places. The first would definitely be his rebellious years as a young man. It brings him so down to earth with those who get to know him that it feels like your coolest friend from high school who used to take you to Black Flag concerts is now in political office. As a young punk Beto dabbled as a hacker, completed a court-recommended DWI program, broke into his University’s physical plant with his friends for fun, and started a punk band. This is just enough trouble for us to consider him a playful rascal and not a crooked mobster. He got his act together like all lovable bad boys do and ended up with a degree in English Literature. He then started his own Internet services and software company. He’s like one of those cool youth pastors that made a few mistakes as a lad, found the light, and now helps other kids get on the straight and narrow by being fun and kindhearted to all those around him on a daily basis. You just want to be his friend.

His second source of charm came later in life during his pivotal role as a representative in Texas’s 16th congressional district. At a time when immigration and border security is the biggest hot button issue on the table, Beto has been in the thick of it for years. He’s lived on the border itself and kept his nose to the grindstone when it comes to comprehensive immigration reform. He’s been an outspoken advocate against Trump’s unpopular immigration stances, and plans to hit the president hard on the issue. This, as well as his years of dedicated service to the local community in which he served, have all but guaranteed him the Latino vote; a group that is shaping up to be a game changer in the 2020 election.

Also appealing is O’Rourke’s bipartisan cooperation. In his early days he attempted (and failed) to run for office as a republican. This shows that he understands the party well. Although the GOP has changed quite a bit over the years, his friendships with politicians like Will Hurd have kept him current. If you have not yet read the story of them driving 1,600 miles through snow to get to Washington for a vote, you should. They won the Civility in Public Life Award for it and continue to work together to pass legislation to this day.

In the end Beto is a prime example of someone who is real. He rose from the ground up, made a few mistakes along the way, only to come out as a fine, hard-working American in the end who strives to serve his country every single day. He would make an excellent president with the help of some good veteran advisers to help fill the gaps where his experience might be a little lacking. With a good VP at his side (Sanders or Biden would be great choices) he would do a lot of good for this country. How he plans on surpassing the women at the forefront is still a mystery yet to be revealed. Only time will tell how he plans to not only set himself apart from them, but steal the female vote as well.

Picture By Robert Ballance

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