Opinion: Why The Border Crisis Is No Longer A Bipartisan Issue

Both parties have always agreed that border security is important. That’s why funding for Homeland Security is always included in the government budget. It’s tucked in neatly along with all of the other important government programs that both sides agree need support. Recently, however, thanks to President Trump gutting everything except funding for his border wall, there has been a shift in how both sides view border security and the money that backs it.

The small window to get extra funding to the border while also funding the rest of the government has passed, along with a bonus government shutdown that turned out to be the longest in history. Now the president is battling congress as he attempts to use his emergency powers to get more funding. Had he simply approved the original budget and asked republicans to request additional money for the border, the deficit would have suffered but we would be in a much better place, both politically and financially.

Hindsight won’t help us much now, however. What we need to worry about presently is how to fund an issue that has become so one sided it’s about to tip over completely. Democrats have lost all interest in anything border-related except protecting the people suffering from the problem. As the quarrel drags on in Washington, the border refugees continue to deal with a wide variety of ordeals, especially the women and children. One can’t help but think back to when America committed similar atrocities, like how we treated the Native Americans during the Manifest Destiny, African Americans during the civil rights movement, or how we treated the Japanese during WWII. The abuse that is occurring to refugees at our border is equally unacceptable and should be something history has taught us to prevent, not repeat.

It’s a big black mark on the GOP that will surely follow them into the next election cycle as they try to defend their actions in ignoring/denying such atrocities. They have decided to stick with the voters who applaud their efforts on the wall and their anti-immigration policies which is sure to attract the alt-right white vote. But what about the massive amounts of Latino votes that are going to stack against them in retaliation? They turned out in large numbers recently and are showing that they are a force to be reckoned with for the upcoming 2020 election. The liberals are sure to benefit from this surge. As the largest growing group in the United States, failing to gain their support is going to make any election difficult for republicans.

Photo By Benjamin Earwicker

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