2020 Vision: Is John Hickenlooper Serious?

John Hickenlooper has an impressive political track record for a guy who’s degrees are in English and geology. As mayor of Denver and then governor of Colorado he did a lot of good things for the state. He also has some very appealing traits. Who wouldn’t love a guy that helps the homeless and opened his own brewery/pub? He’s like a cool dad that lets you smoke in the garage. But is that enough to win over enough voters to clinch the nomination? It’s pretty unlikely, considering there are a couple other guys that are a lot like him when it comes to demographic appeal, and those votes are now spread pretty thin. It would take something radical from his platform to set him apart and steal the win.

Hickenlooper is one of those candidates that we political scientists raise an eyebrow at because after a close look we know they are not going to make it in the end, and we know that they know that, so why bother? Usually it’s to pad their resume, increase their public image, and make a few bucks on a book deal. They will never admit to this, but it happens all the time. It’s also a good tactic to use shortly after they lose when planning to launch a new campaign for Senate, Governor, or other office. Politicians will gain popularity in their states while running for president, lose that race, only to come home and run for governor with (usually) positive results.

Our advice is to not pay much attention to John unless you are from Colorado. Despite what he and his campaign office might be saying, he’s simply not a serious candidate. And, even if he was, he doesn’t stand a chance against the other guys just like him; Bernie and (eventually) Biden. Not to mention the “Big Three” top female candidates; Warren, Gabbard, and Harris. The only question we should be asking for the former Colorado governor is not if he will drop out, but when. And, who he will endorse when he does?

Photo By Benjamin Earwicker

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