2020 Vision: Mueller Report Flops, Trump’s Re-election Chance Increases

With the recent Mueller report falling short of any hard evidence against Donald Trump, the chances of him being derailed from his 2020 re-election just dropped considerably. With the economy doing well and his other scandals refusing to stick or bother his staunchest supporters, economists that predicted his previous victory are saying that it looks like he has a good chance of winning a second time.

This might surprise Trump opponents who feel like the hill Trump needs to climb is too steep; that the “blue wave” rising against him is too strong. They certainly have a decent amount of complaints to bring up while campaigning against him, such as the cost of his unpopular border project on the taxpayers, his slashing of important government programs, and the negative effects of his trade war. But for every complaint, Teflon Don has a smug response. His supporters believe what he says, and, much like him, they’re not afraid to say it.

This means that the democrats, as well as their constituents, need to double down on their efforts if they want to stand a chance against Trump in 2020. Those using words like “socialism”, which Trump has made taboo, might want to find other ways to pitch their platform. Moderates will need to focus on how they will reverse the damage caused by Trump without hurting the recent economic growth.

Regardless of what democrats do in 2020, it’s become clear that it won’t be easy. Unless something big happens, such as an economic downturn or another huge scandal (with evidence) comes to light, dems will have their work cut out for them when competing with the incumbent president. Those relying too much on Trump’s low approval ratings should keep in mind that this isn’t just a popularity contest. And with the Mueller report being weaker than anticipated, that bet is losing power. A hard focus on economics and pointing out financial flaws in Trumps policies instead of on his public appeal would be a safer approach at this point. His popularity ratings will then take care of themselves as The Don seems to be his own worst enemy in that regard.

Picture By Chatrin O Rockerz

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