2020 Vision: Why We Won’t Bother With Remaining Candidates

The pool for democratic candidates for president in 2020 has turned from pool to lake. It’s got a lot of different runners in the mix with a variety of platforms. Some of these candidates we have taken seriously, others we have largely snubbed because they simply don’t seem like serious candidates. Here is our take as to why:

Mike Gravel – When it comes to his run even Mike himself has been quoted saying”The goal will not be to win, but to bring a critique of American imperialism to the Democratic debate stage.” Don’t bother casting your primary vote for a guy clearly not in it to win it.

Wayne Messam – You know a runner doesn’t stand a chance when his wikipedia page is not even a full page long. This guy has little experience and little support. If he’s planning on securing the black vote by himself he needs to update his understanding of recent demographics.

Marianne Williamson – Here is the quintessential example of a candidate who is only running to get a book deal. She literally writes books for a living, 13 so far. If you want to support this candidate, just buy her book instead of wasting your delegate vote.

Andrew Yang – While his intentions are good, Yang simply doesn’t have what it takes to win. He lacks media presence, voter support/recognition, and has zero political experience. He’s a business guy with a lot to say about automation effects on jobs, which would make for a great book, but not a good platform. It doesn’t address enough of the other hot button issues going on right now.

Anyone else entering the running at this point will probably get the same cold shoulder, as it’s getting a bit late to start competing now. We wish the current, serious candidates good luck. To all the others, we hope whatever your plans may be, they don’t distract from real candidates actually trying to get elected.

Photo By Ferran Feixas

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