Opinion: The Electoral College Is Here To Stay

Either through a constitutional amendment or by the states themselves, getting rid of the electoral college is no easy task. It’s here to stay due to the ineptitude of our current two party government that requires majorities to get things done, which means nothing gets done most of the time due to disagreements. It’s a slow and painful process we’ve come to accept. Despite protesting and tweeting, these things won’t go away unless something drastic is done. I suppose we could all move to rural america and move them into the cities for a while and see how that turns out.

It’s up to rural America to make the change. Thanks to the recent president dragging the conservative right through the mud for a while they just might have what it takes to rise above and force their states to follow the popular vote. If enough of them join in then the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact would stand a much better chance of becoming reality. Where is the religious right when you need them?

Until then we should probably face reality and brace ourselves for another election where the better candidate wins the popular vote and the electoral college gives us more dangerous CEOs.

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