Opiod Crisis Shows Bipartisan Action Is Still Possible

In the world of divisive politics we often see politicians arguing instead of getting things done. There is rarely such thing as a compromise. With issues like abortion and the border dividing the parties even more as of late it’s hard to find an issue that we can agree on. Enter the opioid crisis.

The opioid battle has become a heated discussion for Democrats and Republicans, who talk about the crisis using almost identical speeches and often work together to pass bills in the Senate. It’s a breath of fresh air to see the two sides working together against such a serious problem. What they don’t agree on, however, is how to treat the problem.

Republicans like President Trump have implied that they want stricter measures to stop the opioid crisis such as the death penalty for drug dealers and stopping drugs at the Mexican border. Democrats meanwhile focus on rehab and treatment which is usually done by asking the government for more money year-round to do so.

Luckily both sides have found enough overlap on the issue to still get along and pass bills together. Doctors and other people from the healthcare industry have offered their advice and explained that most of the solutions can be done by both parties pretty easily. The other important factor is that the pharmaceutical industry is in the hot seat dealing with the courts right now. They have been accused of pushing Opioids on American people for years. Without their ability to pressure lawmakers as easily they face a hard time getting Republicans to defend them.

Hopefully this means the end of the opioid empire, at least for the time being. Like a hydra it’s sure to rear its ugly head again even after being cut off. Only time will tell if politicians are able to work together long enough to make some real change and prevent the problem in the future. It’s sure to be a hot button issue in the coming 2020 election, so stay tuned!

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