Opinion: Why Impeachment Is Impossible

As Democrats continue to toy with the idea of impeachment despite the Mueller report being weaker than anticipated, many begin to wonder what the chances of it happening actually are. Slim would be an understatement. Like most things in government, it requires a majority vote.

Since republicans, for the most part, remain united in defending the president the chances of them voting to impeach him are unlikely. It’s not even worth discussing. It’s safe to assume that the democrats who have been fighting the idea are aware of this. So, why are other democrats pushing it anyways? Their distaste for Trump won’t be attractive when they need the help of republican votes in the Senate.

While keeping the idea holstered in case some new damning evidence comes to light is a good idea, moving forward now is just a waste of time. First we need the un-redacted Mueller report, then perhaps another investigation. If no further hard evidence is found soon then the idea should be put to rest as wishful thinking.

With 2020 coming fast we are short on time but not on options. Democratic candidates have not wasted time in saying how they feel about impeachment proceedings and how we should handle it as a government and a country. With candidates under the spotlight, how they respond to this issue of impeachment will undoubtedly affect them sooner rather than later. The White House is sure to retaliate harshly to any and all threats and insults aimed at the president.

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