Abortion Becomes Major Global Issue In 2019

Abortion has been all over American news as of late. Since Brett Kavanaugh took his seat on the Supreme Court states conservative groups are using the advantage to push anti-abortion laws through. Michigan, for example, has introduced seven anti-abortion bills so far this year. In fact, according to the Detroit Free Press, anti-abortion groups in over 40 states have introduced more than 250 bills that “restrict access to abortion.”

Meanwhile, across the globe, other countries are facing their own battles with Abortion. Northern Ireland has been demanding more from their ministers who have poorly responded to strict abortion rights restrictions in the region. According to The Guardian, “pressure for reform has intensified since the Irish Republic legalised abortion after a referendum last year.”

In South Korea the Constitutional Court struck down the country’s laws prohibiting abortion. Hundreds of people cheered and celebrated after listening to the judgment outside of the courthouse. NPR reported that “A coalition of women’s rights activists, legal and medical experts and feminist scholars declared victory, after years of campaigning for the laws’ repeal.”

Kenya has been dealing with anti-abortion groups using propaganda campaigns to fight against abortion. Women’s rights groups urged Kenyan authorities to get rid of the many new anti-abortion billboards that have been popping up all over the the capital saying that they are “inaccurate and fuelling stigma in the east African nation, where thousands die from backstreet abortions each year.”

It just serves to remind us that abortion is a global problem. Hopefully it will get enough light shed on it this year to get people more educated on the facts. Many voters look to their doctors and representatives to think for them but this clearly isn’t enough. It takes educated people to understand this sensitive subject enough to make decisions not just for themselves, but for their neighbors as well. As the 2020 election draws near this is especially true for the US.

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