Opinion: Has The Left Gone As Far As The Right?

While the president continues to fight allegations of misconduct, so have his Republican cohorts begun to question their loyalty. Their party tried to split and yet they managed to hold things together. Meanwhile, Democrats smugly look down on both burning sides, (both sides of the aisle that is), while also trying to do the same thing; hold their own party together.

It’s an odd conundrum; two parties, both trying to split in half within a decade… The GOP already it tried during the not-so-recent tea party shenanigans, and the Dems trying it now thanks to young progressives that are very much like a bottle of soda that’s simply been shook too hard for too long.

What is a country to do when they’ve reached such a pinnacle of political perturbation? It seems like the curse of Donald Trump comes with a bit of a silver lining; through tragedy comes much needed change. My only concern is that it might come a bit too late.

Climate change response was needed decades ago, and yet corporatocracy’s greed has kept it at bay. Socialism (our only hope for social justice), much like Bernie Sanders, is an old idea that never had many friends, and it’s currently having heart surgery to barely stay alive. Everything else seems to be stuck in the Supreme Court and Congress, both of which have long since lost their ability to get much done in a timely manner.

It seems that we are late for tea and out of sugar. Even if we get there delinquently… it will be bitter and luke warm at best. Our country simply has run its course and the world is passing around a hot potato of sorts. No one is truly comfortable. Even the rich at the top, that have been collecting all of the benefits, will be left holding the smoking gun that they themselves loaded. At that point, I’m afraid, much like starving wolves, they will fight amongst themselves as the world falls into what I can only hope is the last ice age.

But, perhaps I’m being too pessimistic. Maybe this is the age of aquarius we’ve all been hoping for. Maybe the fall of Trump is a sign that Democrats might actually live up to the hype and be brave enough to raise taxes so that we could possibly afford things like free healthcare. Maybe Republicans will wake up to embrace climate change as a reality and adopt green technology as a profitable resource to expand their ancient empires. And maybe, just maybe, we as a general populous will realize that our forefathers were right to warn us about exponential growth being our biggest problem.

“We’re not on a sustainable path in civilization. We’re on an exponential growth curve, on which we perhaps always have been, but it has turned up sharply at the beginning of the 20th century.”
~ Edgar Mitchell

The point is that we are all in this together, and we all have fingers to point. But in the end those fingers point right back in our own faces, and we will only have ourselves to blame unless we actually try and do something. Rich and poor alike, it doesn’t matter in the end. We need to decide our own fate together as a family, bad apples included. Because this planet is our house, and the chore list needs work.

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