Mike Bloomberg: Is It Too Late For A Dream Come True?

Mike Bloomberg started his campaign for the Democratic nomination on November 24, 2019 and since then has been an ominous dark horse in the 2020 presidential race. Being the 12th-richest person in the world, his massive wealth alone makes him an incredibly strong opponent. He is not at the mercy of big business for funding his campaign and is able to make his own (arguably) corruption-free platform. Unfortunately, we have heard this before from Donald Trump and it didn’t turn out well. Had Bloomberg done it before Trump, things might have turned out better over the past 4 years simply because he is a more polite and mature human being. Despite that, trying to do it again, even though they are clearly different candidates, is going to be a huge challenge… even for a billionaire.

The main problem is that Trump already has a massive, loyal following of racist ignoramuses who won’t be willing to switch sides for any other candidate, especially Bloomberg; a rich man of Jewish descent. They (and the approval ratings they bolster) waned slightly before the impeachment trial, but bounced back after the President was aquitted. He’s also been stealing the credit for an economy that has managed to stay positive despite his active ruination of America’s image across the globe.

Bloomberg also faces scorn from the “anti-elite” liberal left extremists that are not friendly towards moderate/centrist democrats who they believe to be out of touch and entrenched in the political establishment machine. They are mostly swarming around Bernie and won’t be budging anytime soon. If anyone from the far left is willing to move around, it will be feminists and the LGBT community moving towards female candidates and Pete Buttegieg.

Mike is appealing more towards the tragically shrinking group of centrist voters; the sane middle party that just wants rational government to act like a responsible parent that doesn’t appeal to their screaming brats’ childish demands; a government that compromises and gets things done instead of arguing all year. Centrists don’t care that he’s rich. They care that:

1.) He has political experience on both sides of the aisle, showing promise for progression in politics instead of stalemates. He was a Democrat his whole life before switching over to the republican side to win his election for mayor of NYC in 2002. He won a second term in 2005 before leaving the Republican Party two years later. He was elected as an independent on the Republican ballot for his third term in 2009. Finally he went back to the Democrats before throwing his hat into the ring for the 2020 race. What some may consider flip-flopping, others would call a calculated political strategy to stay towards the middle and work both sides.

2.) He isn’t an extremist with a wild and unrealistic agenda, which he made clear by attacking Bernie and his “bros”. His message is that he just wants to get America back on the track Obama had it on and to reverse the damage Trump has done since then. He’s like Joe Biden without all of the embarrassing stuff coming out of his mouth and past. Which leads us to the last reason…

3.) He isn’t mired in scandal and foot-in-mouth behavior. Quite the contrary. He’s a well known philanthropist that has used much of his wealth to help make the world a better place. He’s received dozens of awards for his service in America and around the world. He cares about this country, and this planet, more than most and has proven it with action, not words.

All that being said, his chances of sweeping the primaries and winning the democratic nomination are not great. He chose to forego campaigning in the early-voting states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina and instead focused on later states like Michigan. This is a risky bet that is unconventional to say the least. Only time will tell if his plan will pay off. Until then he remains a dream that seems too good to be true. We here at TAC will cross our fingers though, because if elected he will be a breath of fresh air this country and its allies badly need.

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