Joe Biden: Does He Have What It Takes To Beat Trump?

Joe Biden proves once again that even a billionaire centrist like Mike Bloomberg can’t topple the political establishment of an American party. Trump already used that golden ticket, and that ship has sailed. Now we’re stuck with another old white guy that understands classic American politics while also being completely deaf to the voice of the new generation. But, after Trump, we’ll take what we can get.

We already knew that the extremist, Bernie Sanders, didn’t stand a chance. We proved that when he tried to run against the centrist-minded Hillary Clinton, although he put up one hell of a fight, (which is probably why he thought he had a chance this time around). Now he is hanging up his hat in defeat yet again. Centrism and the establishment are here to stay, whether we like it or not.

Joe Biden won’t change much, being a centrist. His job will be trying to steer the ship back towards the middle after veering so far right. However, he will not ruin things any further than they already have been by a republican party that’s been drunk on its own power since the tea party revolution of 2009.

Hopefully what we get here is a boring reality check, something we’ve lacked for the past four years. Government will slow down as it always does, but accomplish slightly more than usual thanks to a centrist president. The market will perform somewhat poorly, with some growth in certain areas, which is normal for a Democratic presidency. And we will get along relatively well with our allies around the globe, probably apologizing for four years of insults made by former president Trump. Toss in a few surprise situations to add some spice to the next 4-8 years… and voila; you have Joe Biden’s America.

I know we are are jumping the gun here. Trump could pull off another win. His ratings went up a bit after he narrowly escaped his impeachment hearings. The economy stayed afloat while republicans did their usual routine to keep Big Business happy. Despite his crude behavior (now and in the past), he has a loyal fanbase and has actually managed to get a few things done while in office. He’s like George W. Bush… if GW hadn’t given up drinking.

But, then came the coronavirus; the first gut check for his presidency, (as far as any massive nationwide crises were concerned). This came right before his reelection campaign; the timing could not have been worse for him. Up until now Ol Teflon Don was living in dream land playing the imaginary role of CEO for a government. Once the virus hit, he called it a scam. Then, when that blew up in his face, he threw it into Mike Pence’s lap. He obviously had no real idea what to do with it; firing people and tweeting wasn’t going to work this time.

So now it comes down to a contest between two old white guys for the presidency. The only interesting part is that one of them is an outspoken, rude, right-wing mobster. The other is a guy who desperately tries not to appear to be the same thing. It kind of feels like a political race back in the 1980s. Only time will tell who ends up victorious.

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