Biden Wins, But What’s Next? Here’s Three Things To Expect.

Biden has won an undeniable victory, showing that American pride and spirit has not been lost. But what is next for our divided country as we enter the next four year presidency? And most importantly, what is Donald Trump going to do now that he’s been defeated? Here are a few things to keep in mind over the next few weeks.

1.) Trump’s lawsuits against multiple states will be resolved.

As trump mounts his offensive in court in an attempt to degrade the voting process, these cases will most likely end poorly for him. Campaign spokesman Andrew Bates was quoted saying “What makes these charades especially pathetic is that while Trump is demanding recounts in places he has already lost, he’s simultaneously engaged in fruitless attempts to halt the counting of votes in other states in which he’s on the road to defeat.” This tactic of former president Trump is a deathblow to his chances of contesting the election. Attacking states that he was losing was an obvious political ploy that no respectable judge will adhere to, and attacking states where he had chances of winning is just him shooting himself in the foot. Even if there are recounts, there is zero chance that they will be enough to give him a win in any sense of the word.

2.) Trump supporters will protest the results.

While spreading more of their ludicrous conspiracy theories, Trump supporters will most likely remain a thorn in America’s side for years to come. They have already begun to plan their next attack. Much of this will take place online as groups like Facebook and Twitter remove radical alt-right communities from their platforms, resulting in those bodies simply moving to other places online; MeWe, Parler, and 4chan for example. The real life protests, however, should still be a concern. This is especially true for radical militias that have already taken threatening action against democrats and their leaders.

3.) Trump will remain in American Politics.

As Fox News and Trump begin to grow apart, he has already shown signs of launching his own political platform that will forever annoy the rest of the media world. How soon he will begin to take action on this depends on how well his various court hearings go. We can only assume they will go badly, and he will most likely begin his attempt to capitalize on his newfound political fame with alt-right extremists very soon. This also means that he may continue to support upcoming alt-right political figures who come to him for donations and publicity. How well this turns out for the GOP that has slowly grown apart from Trump is difficult to predict.

One thing is for sure, the next few weeks, (possibly months or even years), are going to be a bumpy ride for Democrats and their supporters. With protests and court cases mounting their offensive, our defense will have to be stronger than ever. Hopefully President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will help America turn in the right direction and stay strong in the face of the festering adversity that has been boiling for the past four years.

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