Black Lives Matter Winter Season In Full Effect – How to March Against Racism and the Cold at the Same Time

The Black Lives Matter winter season has arrived, which means change is coming within the movement as they get ready to buckle down during what is expected to be a bitter cold winter. The once fevered support for the BLM movement seems to have slowed down due to many people staying indoors to avoid the cold. No one likes to protest in the snow. But does this mean the BLM movement is over? Far from it.

Black Lives Matter winter protest.
Black Lives Matter winter protests are expected to be harsh this year, but that’s not stopping the community who knows the movement is too important to slow down now.

While there has been a decline in interest from supportive non-black communities, the black community itself is still taking the movement just as seriously as they did in the summer. Many have not let winter slow them down and several events are still being scheduled for the coming winter months. It didn’t stop the movement last winter, and this year will most likely prove to be no different. They certainly have their work cut out for them, however, since this winter is expected to be especially harsh, meaning that many outdoor protests will prove to be extra chilly to say the least.

Here are some tips to stay warm out there while you support the Black Lives Matter movement in winter!

Want to tough it out and brave the cold for the next BLM winter protest? Don’t let winter win! Try these tried-and-true methods to beat the freeze while you march.

1.) Bring a Thermos.

Black Lives Matter Winter Protest Coffee Thermos Tip
Don’t share with your fellow protestors though! It’s still Covid season after all…

A nice hot thermos full of coffee or tea will help keep you energized and warm throughout your protest. Keeping your inner core warm with hot food/drink is a great way to beat the cold weather when chilling outdoors. Don’t fill up too much though! No one likes to have to use the restroom in the middle of a march…

2.) Dress in layers.

Black Lives Matter winter protest dress in layers tip to stay warm.
Depending on the temp you might need six layers, or just two. Be sure to check the weather for the whole day before you go out!

Don’t just grab your coat and bounce! Dressing in layers is a proven way to stay warm when exposed to the elements. A pair of jeans, a shirt, and a hoodie simply aren’t enough. Throw on an extra long sleeved shirt under that coat and invest in some thermal underwear and thick socks to put on under those jeans. Don’t just pull your hood up, put a nice thick hat on too so you can protect yourself from earaches. If you get too hot you can always take off the outer layer to cool down, so don’t forget your backpack!

3.) Beware the wind!

Black Lives Matter winter protest tips to handle the wind.
What do umbrellas and protest signs have in common? They both hate the wind! Check those wind stats before you march so you know which type of sign to bring.

If you are going to be outside with a big sign board then you might want to check the weather first. If it’s windy that day you may want to take a mesh sign instead (I use to make mine). The mesh signs won’t blow away as easily due to the fiber allowing wind to pass through it more, and they won’t bend in the wind. You can simply collapse them into your hands if the wind gets too bad and keep your sign from blowing down the street, or heaven forbid it hit another protestor! Another great idea is to wear a large shirt over your coat with your sign on front and back. No holding required! Just buy a big blank tshirt and get to work.

Keep it Real! #100

No matter what you decide to wear during your next Black Lives Matter winter protest, or what you have in your thermos, remember to keep it safe out there. There are more dangers in the world right now than just the cold, so stay sharp.

Don’t forget to wear your masks as well. Winter is expected to see a rise in Covid cases, so do the right thing and practice safe measures to prevent spreading the virus, even if your are #vaccinated! America appreciates it.

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