TaleSpire HeroForge Integration Is Closer Than Ever – Is Bouncyrock Prepared?

TaleSpire developers over at Bouncyrock have been hinting at the release of the much anticipated HeroForge integration for some time now. Their most recent blogpost now confirms that they have an internal deadline after meeting with the HeroForge team directly. This means that the date has been set for when the devs plan on releasing the new feature that will allow players to import their HeroForge figurine files directly into TaleSpire and use them in their games.

We players have been waiting for a while now…

It goes without saying that the TaleSpire community has been awaiting the official HeroForge release update for some time now, and it has them on the edge of their gaming chairs. Community leaders like myself have even planned virtual parties with friends online to celebrate the launch. We simply can’t wait to get into TaleSpire and upload all of our favorite digital figurines that HeroForge allows us to build so easily.

Unfortunately, the finishing date the devs at Bouncyrock are referring to is only known to them at this time. They will most likely share it once their internal timeline proves coherent. We’ve heard this before, but this time it feels much more real.

Meanwhile we have other questions, like how the launch will affect the server status upon release? Will there be a flood of players causing the TaleSpire app to have trouble staying connected? When asked on their discord, we got a response from a couple of mods, and Baggers – one of the main devs.

Bouncyrock has also been dealing with with their Photon Server services causing intermittent connection issues for players in TaleSpire.

So far the devs have not commented on this issue in detail, but pros in the community seem to think it will be ok for the most part. We look forward to reading the next Bouncyrock dev blog to hear some finer points about the launch preparations. Stay tuned as we here at TAC and SGD continue to cover the story and bring you updates.

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