Art Expansion Continues After Quarantine

As many of us were stuck inside during quarantine we found it hard to pass the time without losing our minds to cabin fever. Whether it was video games, catching up on reading, or learning something new, we had to get creative when it came to staying busy. Some had an easier time than others. Those that were used to being stuck inside already as they did their work had a particularly better time than those that were used to being social butterflies around town.

old man painting outside
Photo By: Eddy Klaus

Artists in particular thrived during quarantine as they were suddenly plopped in front of their easels or digital drawing pads and had plenty of time to get some work done. Sites like artistaday and Deviantart saw a large uptick in users and submissions as people had nothing better to do but create, create, create! This saw a steady decline once vaccines began to rollout since everyone was dying to get outside for a while, but the drop didn’t last long as artists got back to work after catching some fresh air. Since all that hard work during quarantine had started to pay off, getting them recognition and followers that normal life had been slower to provide, artists were more driven than ever before.

Another thing fueling the fire is the fact that the economy is coming back with a bang. As the rubber band effect of everyone being able to get outside again without restrictions finally snaps, money is getting spent all over town on not just bars and stores, but galleries and festivals as well. That means artists are seeing more opportunities to showcase their work, sell their projects, and get more eyes on their legacy.

black panther street paint at art festival
Picture by: Debby Hudson

According to, “Art Fair Season is in full swing!” for summer 2021 and beyond. Check out their list of active festivities to see if any of the national art events are coming to a town near you. Whether you are an artist yourself, or just someone who likes to browse, you are in for a treat this summer as every artist on the planet gets outside to showcase their work. #Vaccinated!

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