About Us

The American Centrist is a variety blog created by Stephen Perry. Stephen is a political scientist who received his degree from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. He now lives in Cleveland Ohio (which is why we have our “Local Cleveland” section).

As a political scientist Stephen believes in bipartisan politics, compromise, and the common good for all people of the world. We try to adhere to a political viewpoint that reflects that. With how divisive politics can be, it’s good to find common ground and stay in the center sometimes. That’s what The American Centrist is all about. However, if we are being honest, we tend to lean slightly towards the left as the republican party grows more and more problematic. But there are plenty of sane republicans that we know and love, and continue to support.

Stephen covers an assortment of topics, ranging from politics to cooking. While most would argue that this is a bad idea from a SEO standpoint, Stephen simply doesn’t care. He loves to write, and he touts a wide variety of skills and interests. His blog reflects this passion, and thus relies on organic traffic from well written articles as opposed to catering to Google’s “only one specific niche per site” mentality.

Stephen also takes pride in generating non-political content that is fun and relaxing to read, which can help relieve stress in between reading disheartening articles about the bad news around the globe. Stay positive, America!

If you would like to contact us please visit our Contact Us page. 

We are not affiliated with americancentrist.com, we are the .net domain.

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