Tabletop Interest Continues to Rise During Pandemic

Tabletop gaming has always been a popular pastime for millions of people across the globe. However, recently the numbers have skyrocketed thanks to the pandemic keeping more people inside. All of a sudden you have parents teaching their kids how to play a game like Dungeons and Dragons as they single handedly bridge the generational divide in one action packed weekend. It’s funny to think that a game played in the 70s still shines so well today.

TaleSpire digital board example
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And it’s only gotten better, and not just for D&D. All Board games have gotten major face lifts with new books, sets, modern equipment, and conventions bringing them all together. Digital versions of the games have also exploded onto the market with players suddenly able to play with each other from across the country on beautifully made virtual boards. TaleSpire, for example, lets you build advanced grid based boards using a beautiful board making tool set that’s simple to use. After using it for several hours myself I can guarantee that it’s worth every penny.

classic dungeons and dragons book with dice and paper
Classic Dungeons and Dragons, or other table top epics, are a wonderful way to spend a weekend with friends, in person or online.

The best part of all this is that the trend does not seem to be going down anytime soon. Tabletop games are here to stay for a while, most likely because they are simply an amazing way to kill a large amount of time while being stuck inside. A simple D&D campaign can take several hours, and time flies when you are having fun. Before you know it your cabin fever won’t be so bad anymore.

Stay safe out there! 🙂

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