Brian Dahle Shows Continued Hope for Republican Centrist Approach

With a large portion of the republican party falling off the deep end to support Donald Trump, conspiracy theories, and Christian Nationalism, it’s nice to see that many republicans continue to not adhere to alt-right extremism. Issues like gun control, abortion rights, and crime reform have plenty of room for middle ground and compromise, and many republican politicians are not afraid to go there. One such example is Brian Dahle, a republican senator from California who is throwing his hat in the ring for the state’s governors election.

Dahle’s election pitch: He’s not Newsom –

Brian Dahle, the Republican Party’s longshot hope to unseat Gov. Gavin Newsom in California, knows that to win in his progressive home state he can’t allow Democrats to label him as an election denying, abortion-hating, gun-loving, bombastic right-winger.

AP News

Dahle has his work cut out for him, however, as the incumbent governor, Gavin Newsom, has a lot of popularity in the state. The good news is that even if Dahle loses, he will still act as a shining beacon of hope for the republican party. He could in fact strengthen his chances for reelection elsewhere in the state or beyond while also demonstrating that Trump’s grasp on the republican party continues to weaken with more and more brave republican politicians standing up for what’s right instead of supporting the big lie. We can only hope that this trend to appeal to the “sane center” continues to become the hero of American politics.

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