Best Wings in Cleveland

As a citizen of Cleveland Ohio and a huge fan of chicken wings I am always looking for the best ones around my town. The key to a good wing is clean frying, crispiness, and of course the sauce. When all three of these tenants align you get a great result that will have you ordering seconds. So what are the best wings in Cleveland? Well you don’t just have to stick to the city! Here are some around Cuyahoga County that are worth the drive.

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Cleveland is a great city with great food, no doubt about it!
  • Melt – Melt is one of my favorite restaurant chains in Ohio. They have fresh jumbo chicken wings that are double fried to be extra crispy. They then toss them in one of their signature sauces, touting some of the wildest flavors you will ever taste. They are by far my number one favorite.
  • Noble Beast – Want some beer with your wings? Go here. Both the wings and the beer are amazing and pair well with each other if you choose right.
  • Mulligan’s Pub and Grille – Bars that serve chicken wings in Cleveland are a dime a dozen, but Mulligan’s prides itself in going above and beyond with their wings. Definitely your best choice when you want to grab a drink with your friends and watch the game while having some of the best wings in town.
  • Woodstock BBQ – This place takes smoking seriously with their southern style BBQ smoke joint. They serve dry rub wings and other traditional favorites smoked daily on their “two Ole Hickory smokers”. They also have over 80 bourbons and whiskeys to choose from which pair nicely with the wings.
  • Pizza Hut – Having a party and need some quality wings delivered to your door? Pizza Hut’s wings are surprisingly good, much better than most delivery chains. They also understand the importance of sauce coverage, so they put their wings in round shakable containers so you can re-sauce your wings for full coverage. When they come with pizza it’s hard to say no!

Looking to make you own wings at home? Try my Spicy Baked Chicken Wings Recipe!

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