Comic Artist Spotlight: Drew Gold

I’ll just come out and say it, Drew Gold is my favorite comic artist. This is saying a lot since second place goes to Calvin and Hobbes’ Bill Watterson. How is it that Drew is number one? Well, he’s talented, consistent, produces weekly, and above all is – he is just plain funny.

His comic strips are not for the faint of heart, which is probably why you don’t see him in the funny pages (yet). While his talent as an artist makes it very possible for him to do so if he wished, his choices as a comedian leave him on the outskirts where his strip may be found in a bar bathroom instead. And I’m sure he prefers it that way.

Unlike most starving artists, comics are not his main job. Drew, like many of us, spends his time slaving away for “the man” working in retail tech. He draws his ongoing strip “Motivational Housecat” in his free time, so kudos to him for all that. As a graduate of New York’s School of Visual Arts, one would think Drew would be running an empire of his own by now, but like many art students, that dream stays in the pipes. But I digress, let’s get to the interview shall we?

TAC: How long have you been an artist? Is it something new, or have you done it since you were young?
Drew: I’ve been drawing my entire life. I still have my first crayon. It tastes like purple.

TAC: What inspired you to be a comic artist? What makes you still do it to this day?
Drew: Insanity led me down the lonely road and sad path to creating comic strips.

TAC: What is your current project?
Drew: Motivational Housecat! Starring Professor Meow Meow and The Angry Bee.

TAC: What were some/all of the major projects you worked on leading up to your current project?
Drew: 30 years of graphic design and art direction set the tone for my work ethic, and love of technology as a tool. I’ve drawn for almost every major and minor graphic design house that specialized in apparel graphics, I’ve done Illustrations for the NYTimes Sunday Book Review and Op-Ed sections, and Joe Boxer really liked my work. I’ve been busy!

TAC: Do you have any other comic artists that you look up to and admire?
Drew: Right now there are a few funky dudes from Quebec that are doing some fantastic offbeat comics. But I tend to tune everything out and focus on what I’ve got going on and what I need to do to fulfill my obligations to the strip.

TAC: What are your future plans for your comics? Do you have any big ideas in the works? (Comicons, merch, books, cartoons, etc).
Drew: Conventions, more books; a new collection just dropped and is available only at

TAC: What advice would you give to young, up-and-coming comic artists just starting out? What would you say to yourself if you could go back in time?
Drew: To the up-and-comers, I would say learn how to draw traditionally first, then move on to digital art. If I could go back in time I wouldn’t, because I’m too lazy and I already talk to myself too much.

TAC: How long does it take you to draw a single strip/page? What are the general steps in your process?
Drew: I take an old-school approach: Sketches are drawn to size and then everything is put together in Adobe Illustrator. Strips can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on the number of panels.

TAC: What tools do you use to create your strips? (pencil, ruler, paper type, brands, software, etc).
Drew: Sharpie pens, paper, watercolor, ink, Procreate, and Adobe Illustrator.

TAC: What is the hardest part of being an artist for you? What challenges do you face on a regular basis, or maybe a specific problem you dealt with in the past or are dealing with right now?
Drew: Marketing a strip without money is my biggest challenge right now. I will say this: If you enjoy the work (or anyone else’s) the best way to show your support is to like, comment, share, or buy a book or t-shirt. That can make a difference in whether someone stays active for 2 years, or is able to go the distance.

Thanks for the interview, Mr. Gold! We look forward to seeing more of your strips as you continue to make us laugh each week!

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