Voting in Ohio Went Smoothly According to Workers

After speaking with one of the volunteer staff here in Ohio I was able to learn how the overall election process went. I spoke with a woman who went in to volunteer and was put in charge of signing as a witness to the packages and their seals. At first there was a training session that was only about 10-15 minutes long. Many people there had been doing this for years. There was a high turnout and things were busy, but the voting process was carefully observed and handled professionally.

While things were busy that night, the overall voting numbers in ohio seem to be down from last time, especially for democrats (which explains how Mr. Hillbilly Elegy got voted in). Luckily we have some republicans here in Ohio that we at AC support – Gov. Mike DeWine for example, whose 2.5 million votes (and counting) are the most ever received in an Ohio gubernatorial election according to Axios. He’s a level headed man who has helped improve the image of the Republican party.

While conspiracy theorists did their best to be pains in democracy’s butt, Ohio was lucky enough not to deal with any violence or voter harassment. Other states, like Arizona, were not so lucky and dealt with multiple issues.

Our volunteer friends said they saw a few police cars on patrol to make sure things stayed safe, but otherwise there wasn’t much to talk about. They saw no troublemakers and had no issues with the drop-offs, which they received several of. Things went on a bit late but ended around 10pm.

Thank you, all of you election volunteer workers and responsible voters!

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