Top 3 Things to Do Outdoors During Quarantine

You’re vaccinated, wearing your mask, acting like a responsible citizen, but now what to do? We’re still avoiding large gatherings as the Delta variant still has us on high alert, but we’re sick of sitting at home playing video games all day (as fun as that may be for a while). We need fresh air and and exercise! But what to do first? Here are three of our favorite ideas to try out!

group outside barbeque

Grill & Chill

Pack a few chairs, some cooking supplies, and a cooler full of your favorites. Head to your favorite park and find a good spot to grill and relax. Bring a few outdoor activities to enjoy while you relish a sunny day! For me, I enjoy grilling shish kabobs while fishing. If the park allows, enjoying a cold beer makes the fun even more relaxing. You can even kick things up to the next level and go full blown camping to enjoy the full outdoor experience!

netflix outdoor movie on screen with small projector

Outdoor Movie Night

With a small investment in a home projector (cheaper than you might think!) you can watch movies outdoors just about anywhere. From your backyard to your cabin wall you can turn a few camping chairs and a flat surface into your very own cinema. You get the convenience of home entertainment while also enjoying the great outdoors. What else could a relaxing glamper ask for?

beach cleanup volunteers

Park Volunteers

With the increased interest in parks and outdoor activities we need to ensure that they stay clean and well maintained. Volunteer services are a big help in this regard. You can volunteer at any number of local or state parks near you while enjoying perks such as discount camping! It’s an excellent way to give back to the community while getting some fresh air. You’ll be a better person for it!

Stay safe out there!

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