Video Game Sales Continue to Thrive

It was already apparent back in 2020 that video game sales were up, and why wouldn’t they be? Everyone was staying home, and apparently many of them still are. Game sales have continued to go up even as quarantine restrictions begin to ease. The question is why?

man playing fortnight home alone
What games have you been playing during the pandemic?

While people are indeed getting out to enjoy the removal of bans and other restrictions, others are not so sure yet. With the Delta variant keeping case numbers high and the CDC on alert, many of us are volunteering to stay home instead of going out very often despite being allowed to do so. Playing games with friends online is more active now than ever before. People who have never touched a joystick are even beginning to take an interest. There’s just something so appealing about being able to have so much fun without ever leaving the house.

child holding game controller
Don’t worry if you think your kids are gaming too much these days, in fact why don’t you join them?

This is especially true for children who are stuck at home while corona hampers their school systems and other social events. Kids are a major market for game companies who are constantly pitching products to them year after year. It’s no surprise to see a massive spike in kids gaming at home now that they are forced to remain indoors. This is a better coping mechanism than putting them at risk, and it wouldn’t hurt to take an interest instead of viewing it as necessary evil.

people hiking outside
Feeling cooped up? Get out and explore nature!

Not to fear, however! There is good news. While game sales might be up, so are visits to parks for hiking, fishing, and other outdoor adventures. It would seem that while many are still putting everyone at risk by gathering in crowds and refusing to get vaccinated, many of us more responsible folk are choosing to either stay home and game, or go outside and play it safe.

And it would seem that video games continue to dominate as number one when it comes to home entertainment during the pandemic. Even movies and TV can’t compete with interactive entertainment. Virtual reality adds an ever nicer touch to the idea, and has also seem some growth during the pandemic thanks to an increase in interest and sales. Looking to buy? Check out these top 5 first!

Stay safe out there!

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