Top Three Garden Crops to Boost Your Kitchen

It’s no surprise that there has been a growing interest in gardening during the pandemic. It’s a great way to get outside and enjoy some fresh air while staying busy and productive. Gardening is an amazing hobby that is enjoyed all across the country, regardless of home size. From a small balcony herb garden, to a busy micro farm, gardeners have discovered that the benefits of stocking their own fridge with fresh fruits and veggies are rewards worth investing in – gardening can help save money on grocery bills and give you more bang for your buck. Here are three veggies ideas you can grow easily to help stock your kitchen with delicious fresh produce.

spoons with spices
Herb gardens can save you lots of money when compared to buying them in stores.

1.) Pick Any Herb

From Cilantro to Rosemary, there are many different types of herbs to grow. Pick whichever one you hate paying for the most at the grocery store and grow it right in your own backyard! They can be grown in pots in smaller areas as well, such as a deck or window sill. As long as there is sunlight wherever you put them, your herbs will be saving you money in the kitchen in no time. And they taste better too!

indoor plant farm
Choosing crops that grow quickly is the best way to keep the kitchen stocked with fresh vegetables.

2.) Fast Growing Greens

From Broccoli to Radishes, there is a list of quick growing greens that will yield results faster than other plants. They will keep your fridge full of fresh veggies that will make your favorite recipes taste fresh and delicious. This is especially true for all of you salad lovers out there!

pear fruit tree
Fruit trees take longer to get started, but once they begin to produce you have fruit for life!

3.) Forage Some Fruit

Yes, tomatoes count as a fruit. But they are not the only kings of the garden when it comes to a juicy produce. If you have the yard space, fruit trees can be an investment that will yield for generations. A simple apple tree can warm your weekends with pie or other baked goods. If you’re short on space, tomatoes are an easy way to include fresh fruit into your diet. Who doesn’t like homemade spaghetti sauce?

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