Alex Jones Declares Bankruptcy While Being Accused of Hiding Money

The media outlet InfoWars filed for bankruptcy in Texas on Sunday in the face of mounting legal pressure over comments made by founder and host, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.


After years of dumping toxic conspiracy nonsense into America’s airwaves, Alex Jones is now circling the drain, or at least it appears that way on the surface. The final nail in his coffin was his insistence in claiming that the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut was hoax. Even after trying to back out of the lies he had propagated, it was simply too late. The clear evidence against him won case after case as the parents filed lawsuits against him. Apparently this, and the several other cases filed against him for other reasons, were too much for Jones’ Company – InfoWars – to handle and they have now filed for Bankruptcy.

However, rich people declaring bankruptcy is nothing new in American capitalism. He may be doing it as a way to protect what little he has left. It’s also quite possible that he has moved his money overseas into accounts that are safe from US collectors. He is also being investigated for moving funds into outside companies to avoid paying fees. In court, InfoWars has claimed only $50,000 or less in assets and between $1 million and $10 million in liabilities, while Rolling Stone claims that Mr. Jones had taken in $165 Million in just three years selling supplements and prepper gear. The math seems pretty clear.

Only time will tell if the parents of the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary will catch Jones hiding his assets and get the money they deserve.

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