Rocket Boots – Are They Still A Thing?

Rocket boots were an ancient 70’s pipe dream that quickly got flushed. But what about today? Has there been any progress on making Iron Man style rocket boots while other Billionaires have raced to space?

We’ve certainly dreamt of it…

  • Dr. Larry Silverberg at NC State claims that rocket boots are possible thanks to Segway.
  • The real-life Iron Man suit: ‘Space diving’ system could let daredevils jump from orbit and land using rocket boots – WITHOUT a parachute??
  • Do jetpacks count? No, but here’s a couple anyways – Even NASA took a crack at it – Their Manned Maneuvering Unit, or space jetpack, tooks the 80s by storm. And here’s a video of the UK having a go.

But what about now? Are there flying bikes, hoverboards, and jet boots to help us deliver packages and parkour with? Sadly, no. Science has not figured out rocket boots, or anything very close just yet. To help you feel better, here is a clip from Flubber where Robin WIlliams (RIP) is able to make jet boots using a slimy substance he created in his basement.

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