TaleSpire Guide – Tips for TaleSpire Map Building and Game Creation.

When it comes to TaleSpire, Dungeon Masters are quickly realizing two things – they need to understand how to make quality maps fast while also scripting them to ensure that their game is good quality and keeps players interested. I’ve been doing both for years now and have some tips on how to do just that. Whether you are new or a veteran you will learn something new from my perspective.

This video is good for TaleSpire beginners.
Need help with modular building? This video will walk you through it!

A List of Tips for Building Maps and Creating Games in TaleSpire.

  1. Complete the TaleSpire in-game tutorial in full. Pay close attention to each lesson and commit it to memory. Knowing the fundamentals is clutch. People have also made TaleSpire tutorial videos for beginners on YouTube that can be pretty helpful.
  2. Start modular building. This means combining pieces from the TaleSpire library into bigger, more detailed collections that you can copy paste easily. This allows for both detail quality and speed when it comes to map building.
  3. Get a HeroForge account. You will need it to start crafting characters for your maps. Talespire comes with several default options to choose from when it comes to figurines, but making and importing your own as more fun and adds creative variety.
  4. Pick a small map blueprint to start with. Whether it’s one you make yourself or one you buy online, pick a small one to practice with. Some people have already built maps you can use on sites like TalesTavern.com. Once you get the hang of things, start building your own adventures or move up to a bigger premade campaign.
  5. Write your scripts carefully and organize them well. Just like your maps in Talespire, your scripts that go with them are equally important and you should organize them carefully.
  6. Create a D&D Beyond Account, or something similar, where you can create a campaign forum. Players can then share their characters in one place, view each other’s stats, and read info about the campaign. Linking this on your social media account or server is also a good idea.
  7. Start Streaming! Create a Twitch account, learn how to use use streaming software like OBS, and just start streaming your games. This allows new players to check you out before signing up for your games later.
  8. Test your maps and scripts before playing an official game. This helps you iron things out before playing in your campaign to help ensure good balance, timing, and control.
  9. Get the google/firefox extensions for TaleSpire – Beyond the Spire, for example, allows you to roll in D&D Beyond and TaleSpire at the same time, which is a very nice feature to have. It even describes the roll type for everyone to see.

Check out my Twitch channel to watch me build live and check out previous vods!


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