Why Elon Musk Is Failing

Elon Musk was quite the successful person until recently. He helped pioneer the electric vehicle market, he built his own space program, and he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. However, things have changed for the billionaire entrepreneur. Elon musk recently bought Twitter. Since then he has boldly made changes that caused many of his Twitter employees to resign or get fired. He shrugged this off and quickly got to work crafting the company in his own image – including welcoming back the far right accounts that Twitter had been trying to purge from their system. This was arguably just an attempt to help stop the platform from failing as many users left. Either way, it worked a little bit.

Elon Musk standing at a 2019 Annual Tesla Shareholder Meeting

Steve Jurvetson via Wikimedia

The problem for Elon is the same one Trump faces for his 2024 presidential campaign – both are relying on the far right too much. The amount of loss that Elon is facing on the aged social media platform is simply too much to make up for with a few thousand right-wing accounts. Why would you buy a left leaning platform and force right wing politics to make a profit? It just doesn’t make sense, and the numbers agree.

Paradise PE - Netflix
Elon has done quite a few things to hurt his business.

Elon could use the platform to push his other investments, like cryptocurrency. Since Musk and former Twitter CEO, Jack Patrick Dorsey, are crypto pals. He could even use it to push his other brands, like Tesla. But is that enough to make up for his massive losses? Only time will tell…

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