McCarthy Makes Speaker, But At Great Cost

Kevin McCarthy was finally voted in as Speaker of the House, now Republican controlled, after a long battle of 15 votes. But it seems to have come at a great cost, with several restrictions being made in order to garner the votes he needed. The restrictions revolve around making it easier for the speaker to be voted out if desired, something that the voter holdouts insisted on in order to agree to him being voted in.

Medill DC via Wikimedia

This could spell disaster for republicans as they use the new policies as a weapon. Either McCarthy plays ball, or he will lose his spot. Now that only a single member is needed to call for a vote to oust the speaker, if McCarthy offends any of the Trump supporting fringe republicans, they could waste precious government time trying to vote him out instead of moving forward with more important issues of the day.

The Trumpers also secured a deal that a pro McCarthy super PAC would not “intervene in open, safe seat GOP primaries.” This is an obvious attempt to help secure that future Trump-friendly elections can’t be snuffed out by stronger republicans who deserve to be in office. This isn’t just bad news for republicans, it’s bad news for America. We are a country that already wastes too much time in governing, and where fridge extremists pushing conspiracy theories are adding to the problem even more.

Kevin McCarthy Sitting with other politicians during a ceremony.
Senate Democrats via Wikimedia

It’s most likely been a result of proper republicans, who understand politics and governing, being able to push back against amateur nutjobs making their way into various republican offices. It’s no secret that people like Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, and more, have hampered Trump and his supporters due to their attempts to overthrow the government and make the Republican party a joke. Now, after a poor turnout for Republicans during recent election cycles, these zealots are doing everything they can to remain a cancer in the republican party’s body. The “never Trump” republicans are our only hope, and they are finding it hard to curtail these troublemakers while not weakening their own future party. Only time will tell how it all plays out.

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