How to Grow Green Onions Outdoors – Guide for Beginners

Green onions are a great starter crop for your homestead. They grow quickly and yield a lot of product – it’s good to have plenty when starting out as they make for easy greens that can be used in a variety of recipes for a healthy dose of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

  • Pick a decent sized pot (2-5 gallon) and fill it with healthy soil. Here is a good guide to soil for onions if you want to be specific, otherwise any basic garden soil mix will do.
  • Make sure the water can drain through,
  • place the onions in the sun, and they will take care of the rest.

I find it’s best to simply plant a few I get from the store. Once they attach to the soil and start to grow they can be trimmed for fresh onions. When fall comes you can pull them out, wash them, and eat the bulbs, which often double in size. These are great for fall and winter stews and can be pickled to last longer.

Growing green onions from seeds is also possible. The onions eventually release seed pods you can collect after they bloom. You start them in the spring and by the time summer rolls around you can gave quite a few of them going.

Fresh green onions make wonderful garnish as well as extra greens in any meal. Just grow a pot outside that you occasionally snip a green stalk from for a fresh addition to your food.
Ramen is my personal favorite dish to sprinkle fresh green onions on.

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