Nova Decarboxylator Review

After using this product several times now I am happy to inform its buyers that it works very well and is incredibly easy to use. Just follow the simple instructions and watch it do all the work for you. This is great for people who cannot smoke due to health issues such as asthma – this Nova decarboxylator device has helped them enjoy their product with no smoke or vape required. I used coconut oil to infuse all of the goodness into some homemade chocolate chips (recipe can be found here).

This model is just one of a few from Nova. More details on other models can be found here.

The device is deceptively simple. Just one button click to turn it on, then you wait for the light to change color. Once that is done you now have your decarboxylated product ready for use. I added coconut oil and stirred. Then I placed it back into the cooker, pressed the button to turn it on, and waited for the light again. After that, the oil was ready for cooking with. It came out very strong and I got long lasting results. This allowed me to stretch out my total product much longer. That means this device pays for itself in a year or so. It’s worth the large price tag on it.

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